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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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states and what's on his agenda today. nearly three thousand miles away, catholics are coming together for viewing parties to watch the pope deliver his historic address to congress. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, set 24th. i'm pam cook. >> good to have pam cook back. >> good to have my voice back. >> yeah, i know. good morning, dave clark. weather back and traffic and steve paulson first. high clouds but other than that mild to warm. some areas have been clear of the clouds, dave and pam. 90s through through the interior unless the clouds stick around. starting off warmer, 5 to 13 warmer than 24 hours ago. breeze the totally fallen apart. partly to mostly cloudy this morning and partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. 60s on many temps, more so than
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yesterday when it was 40s and 50s. today it's 50s and 60s. morgan hill, about ten degrees warmer. some of the higher elevations warmed up as well. saratoga 58 at this time, yesterday it was 50. higher clouds giving us a nice sunrise, partly sunny, mostly sunny lighter. a lot of high clouds in the morning. 80s, 90s, through the interior, 70s, 80s, around the bay. did i hear you say a couple minor things? yeah. we're looking the at the east shore freeway between the carquinez bridge, not a bad commute. bay bridge toll plaza also very nice. no major problems. couple of lanes are a little bit slower as people who pay cash have to line up a little bit, but still looks pretty good getting into san francisco. no problems there and no problems in contra costa county
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on southbound 680 between concord and walnut creek. as we look at some of these commutes, i'm kind of just cycling through the maps. you don't see a lot of red. you don't see a lot of red on the maps. that's good. accident southbound 880 near the old nemey plant there that's gone. there is a crash there. these crashes are not causing big slow downs. thank you, sal. in just about two hours, pope francis will make history. he'll go before the united states congress. the first pope to ever address a joint session of congress. the pope has just captured washington, d.c. by storm. yesterday more than 10,000 people were at the white house as the pope addressed the crowd after being welcomed by president obama. while the pope supports immigrant rights, talked about climate change, today he's expected to expand his focus on cultural issues. we want to take you live from capitol hill. look at the crowd on the bottom
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right there, already formed out there. it's 8:00 on the east coast. people are are out there waiting to get a glimpse of the pope when he arrives ition i mean who doesn't want to see the pope? >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> after the speech on capitol hill, the pope will visit a charity center run, meeting with the homeless as well. alley joining us live at st. mary's college. i understand a watch party is planned out there. tell us about it. >> that's right. they're calling it pastries with the pope. about 90 minutes from now, expecting 30 to 40 students and staff members to come to the mission and ministry center right here next to the chapel. they're going to gather around a big screen tv and watching the
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pope's historic address to congress scheduled to start at 7:00 our time. nearly 3,000 miles away from here, out in washington, d.c., the bay area will be well represented in the audience. south bay homeless advocate and chancellor of the university of san francisco are the guest of honor of democratic house leader. six students from college prep in san francisco have a chance to meet the pope this weekend in philadelphia. the students won an essay contest at their schools. >> once in a lifetime opportunity to see the pope. this may never happen again for me, so if i'm given the chance, you know i'm going to apply to try to do it. >> 41 other schools across the country are also sending similar dell gagsz to see the pope. if you can't see the pope in
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person, viewing party for students, colleagues here at st. mary's and other locations, that's the next best thing, right, dave? >> yes, it is, thank you. several other universities hosting watch parties. university of san francisco at cross roads university center. santa clara university holding event at the benson center. and berkeley cam buspus on leroy. all begin at 6:30 this morning. time is 5:05. 5-year-old southern california girl whaez family is in -- whose family is in the u.s. illegally is making national headlines. she tried to get past the barriers. on her second try, he saw her. he motioned to his guards, bring her to me, then kissed her on
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the cheek is and blessed her. sophie gave the pope a letter urging immigration reform and she's worried that her parents are going to be deported. >> what did you want the pope to know about your daddy? >> that the immigrants like my daddy are hard workers. >> sophie says she also has a letter for president obama. the los angeles based immigrant rights group chose sophie to approach the pope, said they knew he had a soft spot for children. stay with us on more for the pope's visit to the united states. tara is in washington, d.c., will have a live report at 6:30. we also have a special section on our website, lake county search ruz out again today looking for a man still missing in the valley fire. searchers brought cadaver dogs to sift through the fire zone,
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looking for 61-year-old robert lich man. he has not been seen since the fire started 12 days ago, did not have transportation, about you refused to evacuation home in lower lake county. medical examiner now trying to confirm the identity of a fourth victim found in the rubble tuesday night. body believed to be 66-year-old robert fletcher. in the next half hour, alex savidge will join us to tell us why today could be a very sentimental tile for the evacuees -- time for the evacuees foou possible third body found in a burned out cabin. in addition to the two bodies found earlier. no one identified yesterday, but adam, molly, and their seven-year-old son gavin have not been seen since sthe went to their cabin on september 11th in el dorado. two days later the cabin was destroyed by fire. the incident is being
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investigated as a homicide and arson. >> there is absolutely nothing that we're aware of in the personal lives or business dealings of the individuals involved that would give rise to anything of this nature. absolutely not. >> buchanan has a 16-year-old son who did not go on the trip. canvassed the neighborhood where the family lives. some say the couple had, couple, a rollercoaster relationship. deputies seized computers and a pickup truck from the home and buchanan's office. arrest made in oakland in connection with a burglary last month in fremont where the burglar baited a dog into eating broken glass. 21-year-old diaz was arrested yesterday, accused of burglary and animal cruelty. police say he and another man broke into a house in fremont on august 28th, smashing through that back glass sliding door.
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as they ran out of the house, police say they stopped to toss food to a dog in that pile of broken glass. police say the dog has cuts in its mouth and other injuries. later today, diaz is expected to be in court for the first time. we don't know when the second suspect will be in court. a van spotted cruising slowly around an alameda elementary school may be the same one that's linked to two attempted child absent dutionz in berkeley. witnesses say they saw a dark green van that looked suspicious drive by ruby bridge's elementary school last friday. that same day, the driver of a van with a similar description was in berkeley. pulled up to middle school students. driver rolled down window, old them twice to get into the van. they ran away and told the police. berkeley police say something
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similar happened along telegraph avenue. a female student was standing on the sidewalk when a man in a van waved at her. but that man drove away when the father of the student walked up. police say the van driver is heavy set hispanic man between 30 ask 40 years old, dark hair, mustache and wearing a baseball cap. driving older model mini van, possibly nissan quest with rear tinted windows. police are warning everybody, be aware of anything suspicious and if you do see anything, call 911. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch makes a stop in richmond tomorrow as part of national tour on community policing. meeting with the police chief and mayor and local teen center, hold a round table discussion on how to improve the relationship between police and community. recently she gained national prom mens for reducing homicide rates and she's also the recipient of a federal grant to
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hire more police officers and buy more body worn cameras. taxpayers could be on the hook to fix the bay bridge. new estimates put the repair costs between 15 and $25 million. whatever is not covered by the contracting companies that worked on the bridge will likely come out of tolls. cal trans says hundreds of the steel rods were exposed to sea water and that sea water, salt water, can rust and corrode the metal rods. 5:11. search on for a man who dried to kidnap a woman on the street. the sketch and surveillance photo police want you to see. growing concern where drivers mistake accelerator for brake. up next the technology that could save lives. southbound 680 traffic is going to be busy as you drive down to mission boulevard and
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head into san jose. we'll tell you a little more about the south bay commute coming up. a lot of high clouds over us, in fact mostly cloudy. lows are up. what about the high temps? staying on the high side or cooling down? we'll have the answer coming up. female announcer: sleep traends event don't miss your chance to get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. and rest even better with sleep train's risk-free 100-day money back guarantee.
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. welcome back. time 5:14. a member of volkswagon's advisory board expect more
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resignations. he says the investigation into the scandal involving diesel emission levels is just beginning. chief executive resigned yesterday. they're making no comment on a reuters report that the company sent out recall letters last august to california owners of some audi and volkswagon cars. that report says the letter told owners that dealers needed to install new software to make sure tail pipe emissions were, quote, operating efficiently. growing concern over car crashes where a driver mistakenly steps on the gas instead of the brake. that happened tuesday when an 80-year-old woman driver crashed into a gym in livermore, kill a woman inside. studies are showing the pedal application errors, what it's called, occur thousands of times every year nationwide. there are calls for car makers to outfit cars with an automatic emergency braking feature. this new technology, using
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radar, cameras, or lasers, would alert the driver of imminent crash and put on the brakes automatically. federal study found the highest percentage of pedal error crashes involved women 75 years old or older. federal traffic safety agency says these kinds of crashes occur 16,000 times a year in the u.s., 44 incidents every day. number of people whose fingerprints were stolen in a breach has rows from one million to 5 .6 million. defense department made the discovery after a review. affected 21.5 million people. social security numbers were taken, including for people who applied for security clearances and for their families. the way you use your credit card is changing. swiping is on its way out. dipping is on its way in. it all has to do with the micro chip designed to combat fraud
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and improve security. retailers begin switching over to machines that will read credit cards with that emv chip. instead of swiping card, you dip them into the machine. they're designed to make cards harder to hack. >> instead of passing your credit card information to the merchant, what it does is passes a unique transaction code that the merchant gets and that if a hacker gets into and is tries to reuse, they don't be able to. basically like stealing an expired password. >> if you don't have one of these chip cards, you'll probably get one by the epd of the year. new report shows millions of americans do something for halloween this year. the average person will spend about $75 on the holiday, down about 4% compared to last year. estimated 69 million americans expected to dress up. 20 million plan to dress up
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their pets. of course the kids will be dressed up, even if the babies are sleeping. the biggest amount of money expected to be on candy for trick-or-treaters. pumpkin spice latte at starbucks is has new competition. latest drink is the toasted graham latte. espresso, steemd milk, topped with graham crumb blez. it was released on wednesday at starbucks stores nationwide. 5:18 is the time. check in with sal for a look at traffic. couple things you were watching? >> yeah. those are gone, but other things have come up. the traffic is what's getting slower now. we're going to start off with a look at the freeways here. fl highway 80, the bay bridge, really nice picture. the traffic looks at the. toll plaza is not a big delay, but at about 5:30 it's going to change. we're going to show it to you
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then. we're also looking at the san mateo, that looks good heading the to the high-rise and no troubles on the done bart on bridge. northbound 85 was a crash and it's removed. 5:19. let's bring steve? good morning, sir. higher clouds and the lows are up, up, up, 5 to 10 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. not much of a breeze, slight one that's variable. a little north for some, west, southwest to others. and mostly cloudy morning of the they'll thin out later. partly sunny to mostly sunny. no rain out of this, just high clouds. 60s on many temps, 50s some places. 40s and 50s yesterday, a lot of
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40s, not this morning. 50s and 60s. 59 calastoga. down to 51 in petalulma. north breeze at napa west, southwest, fairfield north at oakland, east southeast santa rosa, 30s up at truckee, 59 ukiah to 60s in monterey and sacramento. everyone is pretty close. higher clouds, cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. these clouds thin out and temps bump up fast. today and tomorrow if you can get rid of the cloud cover, then low 90s. but the system moves through on saturday and carries through sunday and monday for a cool pattern. but partly sunny, nice to mild to hot. a little humidity in the mix. 90s on some temps, 80s, 70s closer to the bay. fog isn't really an issue compared to a couple days ago.
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high clouds warm to hot. cooling trend saturday, extends sunday and monday. >> pell will like that. >> some people don't like anything over 75 is my experience. >> true. and don't want to go too low either. >> there is a line there, yeah. thanks, steve. high tech opening in the south bay. a look at the new 1.1 million square foot building. how this will be used by operation samsung. european union takes another step in the ongoing migrant crisis. how it could affect the number of people seeking refuge in europe.
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. welcome back to developing story out of saudi arabia this morning. 453 people dead, hundreds more injured after a stampede at the annual rajj pill gram aj. the crash happened in nina, large valley three miles from mecca. the stampede is the deadliest disaster since 2006 when more than 360 were killed in a stampede in the very same area. european union agreed on a new plan to help solve the crisis of thousands of migrants seeking refuge. emergency summit meeting yesterday, agreed to two part solution. countries increase border controls with the richer
5:25 am
countries providing more resources. secondly, eu agreed to give money to shelters providing food and shelter to the refugees, encouraging them to stay in the camps. >> lebanon, jordan, turkey and other countries are receiving more help. more assistance will be offered in exchange for cooperation ishs as europe struggles to care for the estimated 500,000 refugees who crossed the borders through the years, u.s. plans to increase number of refugees it will accept. today president of china arrives at the white house, will have a private dinner with president obama. open a visit to seattle, protestors visited greeted him here. targeted boeing plant where executives say china is one of
5:26 am
most important customers. >> china quickly becoming the largest aviation market in the world and our partnership is creating jobs in china and here in the u.s. . >> chinese president also toured microsoft. to commemorate day, microsoft officials presented him with 3d printed ship, replica from first ship that sailed from china to seattle after diplomatic relations established in 1939. talking about the pope's visit to washington, d.c. yesterday he took time out interest schedule to meet two special members of the first family during a visit to the white house. the pope met the first dogs, beau and sunny. that picture, captured by white house photographer pete souza, you can see the pope petting one of the dogs as the president and first lady, michelle obama introduced them to the pope. americans treated him like a
5:27 am
rockstar, really. and when we come back, a live report from washington, d.c. what we can expect from the pope's history-making speech later today on capitol hill. plus, working to recover after one of the most destructive fires in california history. we'll tell you about the federal aid coming to those who lost everything in the valley fire and why one large evacuation center in that area is shutting its doors today. good morning. looking at the east bay commute here and mcarthur blas maze it looks okay. mostly cloudy this morning. high clouds streaming towards us fl higher elevations are much warmer this morning. we'll see how that equals afternoon highs.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. look at this. live picture. thousands of people gathering outside the u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c. for day three of the pope's visit to the united states. there is an impressive picture. we're out there live, more on what the pope is doing today including addressing the united states congress, history-making moment coming up. welcome back to mornings on 2. september, 24th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. after kicking off first visit to
5:31 am
the united states and drawing huge crowds, pope francis makes history today, becoming the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. doug is outside the capitol building in the middle of that huge crowd of people. good morning. >>reporter: pam, good morning. we've watched this crowd kind of build through the course of the morning. eventually expecting tens of thousands of people out here. the pope still about an hour and a half away from actually addressing that joint meeting of congress. but when he's done, the expectation is that he'll emerge from the speaker's balcony and at least acknowledge the people who have gathered to just catch a glimpse. pope francis seems entirely comfortable navigating the streets of washington, even pausing now and then to kiss a child along the way and wave at the faithful. >> just seeing him that close, you can feel his presence. >> i mean, who doesn't want to see the pope? >> the pope had just come from the white house where he had
5:32 am
emerged not from the pope mobile, but from a tiny fiat to great president obama and speak to a crowd of more than 10,000 people. at times he touched on political themes where he and the president share common ground, like immigration and climate change. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> will he bring that kind of a message to capitol hill today or will he express more conservative aspects of church doctrine? he may instead stick to broader consult the tural themes. >> a -- cultural themes. >> a criticism of disposing of things very easily would have us dispose of things and people very easily, globalzation of indifference, as he's called it. >> for the pope, this trip has already been a whirlwind. politics aside, he also celebrated mass at the even norm
5:33 am
us basilica in washington, elevating junipero serra to saint hood, credited with bringing ka thol siz i am to california. >> as far as the crowd gathering outside the capitol, there was talk we might see 50,000 people or so by the point in time which the pope actually emerges. we don't know what the crowd count is going to be, largest crowd in d.c. . the pope leaves washington and heads on to new york and ultimately philadelphia. >> the thank you, doug. >> we also have tara fl. >> and we'll be live streaming. >> live streaming the pope's address to congress. take it with you to work or wherever you need to go. >> we'll be in and out, but live streaming all the way through at time is 5:33. i want to know what the forecast
5:34 am
is, steve. >> a lot of clouds this morning, dave. if you haven't stepped outside yet -- >> i'm going to. >> okay. >> it's dark. >> it's dark. >> a lot of high clouds over us and temperatures a loft have jumped up again. santa cruz records, 17 hundred feet, very warm. 75 degrees. a 15-degree increase in 24 hours. that's huge. a weather yo-yo, i'll say. when that goes up, temperatures at the surface go up. a lot of high clouds today, starting off 5 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. more 60s and upper 50s. yesterday was 40s and low 50s. that's not the case here. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning, partly sunny this afternoon. higher clouds from the west, southwest. no rain, but a partly sunny, nice to mild to hot. if the clouds clear out soon enough, i think forecast highs will be right on the money.
5:35 am
if the clouds stick around tion maybe a couple degrees cooler. warmer for everybody, including the coast and bays, 70s and 80s. 5:34. sal with update on your traffic. okay? it's okay. there is something unusual that just popped up that i wanted to mention before we go to the pictures. chp looking for a dead animal. the person who described it says it's either a dead deer or dead tiger in one of the lanes. either that person probably shouldn't be driving, maybe, or -- yeah. and that's what it says. that's what it says on the list here. i'm not making that up. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look. one is very different from the other. westbound bay bridge as you come up to the potentially, backed up for a -- to the toll plaza, backed up for a bit. looking at the commute on 580,
5:36 am
westbound slow from 205 over altamont. if you're driving in livermore, get on in the western part, you should be okay. a little bit of slowing at the interchange. trust me. i know this commute. it's not one. bad ones. if it was i would tell you, but right now it's kind of normal. highway 237 in san jose and mill peed as. westbound looks okay. 5:36. let's go back to the desk. victims of the massive and destructive valley fire are are a long way from having things back to normal, but today a symbolic step forward is being taken as families start to rebuild. alex savidge is in the newsroom with what's happening in napa valley. >> pam, good morning to you. evacuation for all forced from their homes in the valley fire scheduled to shut doors at 10:00 this moshg. that's the center of the fairgrounds in calastoga.
5:37 am
we've shown you many images there and that's been home to fire victims for almost two weeks now. evacuees set up tents on the grass, parked suv vehicles. it was feeding about 1,000 people each day, but as orders have been lifted, many are heading home, seeking help at other shelters further up in lake county of the the head of fema toured the fire zone to get a look at all the damage up close and promised federal aid for uninsured homeowners with immediate needs. he also says there will be temporary housing assistance, rental assistance and low cost loans for small businesses that need help. but the head of california's office of emergency services warns people that the recovery will take time. >> we can make this better. i've seen it time and time again, disaster after disaster. it will take time and it will
5:38 am
take patience and it will take effort. >> in the meantime, you can see dogs were out, search crews looking again yet and they'll begin -- continue doing those searches later today, looking for a man still missing after the valley fire. that would be 61-year-old robert litchman who has not been seen since the fire started. he refused to evacuate, had no transportation. trying to confirm identity of the fourth victim, remains found in the rubble tuesday night. those remains are believed to be 66-year-old robert fletcher. they were found in the community of cobb up on the mountain there where fletcher lived. cal fire still working hard. thousands of firefighters on the ground, pam. valley fire charred 76,000 acres. crews still trying to get a full line, build a full containment line around that burn area and they say right now the fire is
5:39 am
82% contained. a whole lot more work for them to go. >> oh, gosh. so incredible how long that has taken ishs really is a slow process. thank you, alex. 5:38. san mateo sheriff's department released a sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a woman off the street. tried to pulled the woman into his van on second avenue in an unincorporated part of redwood city tuesday morning. described as latino, 35 years old with a large nose, mole or scar on left cheek. surveillance video caught the van as it sped away. it is a late '90s white gmc van with a distinctive roof rack. investigation of the vemz of serial killer identified victim shot earring. looking into unidentified remains of john wayne gacy who killed 33 men and boys back in
5:40 am
the 1970s. a woman whose brother went missing and she provided dna. it went to a database where he matched 16-year-old who was shot to death in san francisco back in 1979. the remains will be returned to chicago for burial. new jail guards soon on the job, special training to handle mental willy ill. 51 men and women sworn in yesterday headed for jobs. they received additional eleventh hour training following the death of santa clara inmate michael tyree. he was beaten to death and three jail guards are facing murder charges. new recruits start in two weeks. voeting machines in san francisco tested today, ahead of the november 3rd elections. the testing is required by law. it focuses on equipment primarily used to count vote by
5:41 am
mail ballots. testing open to the public. begins at 8:00 this morning at the computer room in san francisco city hall. some members of san francisco chinese community rallied in favor of the many campaign for tougher controls on short term rentals. supervisor joined a group of chinese tenants and property owners supporting proposition f. they say san francisco is in the middle of worst housing crisis and short term rentals are making it worse because people are renting to tourists instead of residents. they want landlords to be part of the solution, not the problem. >> what it says is that please, please, allow for some short term rental, but limit it to how many days out of the whole year. get involved with regulating this. get involved so our citizens in san francisco can actually afford to live here.
5:42 am
>> those who oppose the proposition say it unfairly limits rental of in law rentals. encourages lawsuit among neighbors. the famous batmobile is protected by copy right. a panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco upheld a lower court ruling that went wednesday a southern california mechanic. he made and sold several batmobile replicas based on the car used in the 1960s television series before being sued by dc comics. lower court found he infringed on the copy right. filed an appeal, saying there have been more than 140 different versions of the batmobile. >> always loved it, too. >> yeah. time is 5:42. still ahead, happy ending for an oakland school that was robbed. coming up at 6:00, the generous donation from a ktvu viewer, helping that school recover. live in san jose where samsung is unveiling new silicon
5:43 am
valley headquarters. we'll tell you about the big opportunity city leaders say this will bring to the area.
5:44 am
5:45 am
. welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:45. today is the official opening of samsung's new silicon valley facility. gentleman dell-- gentlemanjanine is live. >> standing here in front of samsung's new headquarters. stage set up for the ceremony later today where the ceo and the mayor are going to be speaking about what this brings to san jose fl it stands out.
5:46 am
10-story tower at first street. 1.1 million square foot building housing research and development, designing the latest are smartphones and television sets. 700 employees working here, but the plan is to eventually have two thousand here. samsung built the campus with plenty of amenities. cafeteria serves three meals, gym with personal trainers and dietary experts and areas for relaxation. city leaders worked with samsung on the project because they know it brings economic growth and tupt. city officials have been working to make north san jose an area to live, work, and play and it's evident with new offices and housing projects that are springing up. light rail is just across the street from the new headquarters, so very convenient, big plus for employees. we're going to be getting a chance to go inside the new campus, but we'll bring that to
5:47 am
you later on in the newscast. dave. >> thank you. we'll talk to you later. 5:46. santa clara man living proof that it is never too late to go for the gold. last sunday don pell man set five world records during the senior olympics in san diego there in the right in the orange shirt and giants hat. he was the oldest athlete to compete and set five world records in the 100-meter. >> discuss, high jump and long jump. he's 100 years old. he says that staying in shape is pretty sim p. >> a good brisk walk and a little jogging is great. there aren't too many people that do that at 100. but keep active, that's the main thing. >> keep active. >> okay. >> he's an inspiration. he's been competing in the senior olympics since he was a
5:48 am
young whipper snapper of 70. he has many medals, only five not gold. he's 100 and setting records. amber lee got to meet him and did that story. he's happily married. wife is 92. probably exercises with him. >> we've got to go to sal. we've got a problem, crash at the bay bridge toll plaza? >> that's right. someone got into a crash at the fast lane. it appears that that injured party or injury crash is in the fast lane at the toll plaza. first we're going to go to highway 4 and hopefully a little more time to get the camera right here. this is highway 4. you can see already that there are a lot of people out there. steve and i always wonder how early is this going to get? people get on the road super early, but it is slow already in pittsburgh and bay point heading over the hill. now, let's go to the bay bridge
5:49 am
toll plaza. see if i can see anything. it's reported in the fast lane and underneath that ramp you see. so we're going to have trouble seeing it, but it's in. if you're coming from the bay bridge or to the bay bridge, you're going to see perhaps lights or emergency vehicles showing up anytime now. traffic backup here is already 20 to 25 minutes. let's talk about 580 slow over altamont. 5:49, let's go to steve. sal, mutual friend of ours were discussing that the other day, how there is more traffic now at 4:00 compared to back in the day. >> because the commute in the middle is getting to heavy that it's spreading out, starting earlier and staying later, that's right. thank you. high clouds over us, mainly for breakfast, the morning. mostly sunny in the afternoon, warm to hot for some. very warm era loft, temperatures
5:50 am
at 1,500, 2,000 feet have jumped up, usually a sure sign that it's going to be pretty warm. higher clouds keeping the lows up as well, good 5 to 10 for many. these are are west, southwest so more 60s and a few 50s. yesterday was 40s and 50s. big jump up. 40s for many on the coast. scots valley 55. in the 40s yesterday. 59 and 56, morgan and gilroy. san jose state and their fine, fine meteorology department, 66. 36 at truckee, 50s, 60s for many. redding at 64 degrees. there is a back edge that will roll through, starting to thin out the clouds by early afternoon. then temperatures should jump up. cooler weather on the way after the weekend when the system
5:51 am
topples over, pushing the ridge out of the way. partly cloudy, partly sunny, more clouds in the morning, nice to mild to warm to hot. clear niek line 5, upper 80s and 90s for some. big jump in the temps. a lot is cloud cover dependent. temperatures, which it's been a yo-yo here for the last couple days of the hot, cooler, hot. not as hot as the weekend and monday, but still warm. >> felt warmer to me than yesterday. >> higher clouds holding things up. it was pretty cool yesterday morning, not the case today. >> we're in that pattern where you have to wear a jacket -- >> a little layering. >> good advice. >> this is when kids leave jackets all over the playground. >> in a pile somewhere. >> all the guys are wearing shorts coming out of school.
5:52 am
>> yeah, the boys wear shorts. >> the girls leave jackets because then it gets warm. golden state warriors are teaming up with governor today. set to ring the nasdaq closing bell and celebrate the opening of anew anew office for entrepreneurs.
5:53 am
♪ ♪ it was just an ordinary night. until he showed up-with a hungry look in his eyes. and then, he made the shot. and when jaws dropped ... he had something for that, too.
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the new spicy nacho chicken sandwich. with two tacos, halfsies, and a drink for 6 bucks. all in a munchie meal.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. taking you to washington, d.c., looking at live pictures as the pope steps outside the van can em basse, greeting the crowds this morning. we've been watching the crowds gather this morning. and he is making quite an impression on his u.s. visit, certainly greeting -- >> spending special time with kids. >> with a lot of people, really impressive. he's going to be at capitol hill in just about an hour. we're going to have live reports, live streaming the speech to congress and dipping in live to that historic moment, that speech before congress. again wanted to show you what's happening live right now in our nation's capitol. back here in the bay area, opponents of the golden state warriors plans for new arena in mission bay released a letter saying the arena is a threat.
5:56 am
they want to build across the street from uc san francisco. doctors, nurses and donors oppose that idea saying that events around the arena would create traffic that could even danger people who need to get to the hospital. now opponents affiliated with the hospital are are asking mayor lee to reconsider. most support. gavin new some is teaming up with warriors stars who join him in ringing the nasdaq closing bell this afternoon. ringing the bell remotely from the new enter nurl center in san francisco's financial district. that center offers young people a place to get business training, learn to network and provide them with mentors. there is a new addition at san diego safari park. >> i love that.
5:57 am
it's an endangered sumatran tiger cub born last week. they've been noticing the baby is losing weight, but zoo keepers says he's getting better, making progress. soon they'll be able to watch had him through a window in the care center in the park. no, pam, you can't have hill. >> he would get a little big for my house, but awfully cute. pope francis is in washington, d.c. and we're just about an hour away from his joint address to to congress. live coverage on this is coming up next at 6:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. coming together this morning for viewing parties to watch pope francis deliver historic
6:00 am
address to congress. welcome back to mornings on 2. again we want to take you live to washington, d.c. because certainly this is quite the picture this morning with the crowds gathered in the nation's capitol. the pope left the vatican em bassy, greeted many people along the way and he's out there right now. tens of so you ands gathered to watch the -- tens of thousands gathered to watch. we have team coverage including live reports from the nation as capitol. >> we're going to live stream. >> we're going to dip into it had. if you're watching it this morning, we're going to show you parts of the speech, but we're going to live stream the whole thing. take us with you on your phone, tablet. it's thursday, september 24th. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. looking


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